Indoor Plant Rental: The Perfect Choice for Your Convention Center

_MG_1860Why do so many hotels, businesses, shopping malls, and other highly trafficked buildings use fountains and plants as part of their décor? Human beings are attracted to living things. It’s part of our very nature to be comforted by clean air, flowing water, and healthy plants. No matter how large or impressive a space, if there are no plants, it feels unfinished and even lifeless. With that in mind, plants are an important feature for any place humans congregate to get things done. If you’re planning an event, indoor plant rental is an excellent option.

Convention centers in particular can benefit from indoor plant rentals. If your experience with greenery is minimal, choosing plants and planters for an entire convention center might be a daunting task. Buying plants outright also means you’re stuck with them. However, indoor plant rentals allow you to change your décor for holidays, with the seasons, or for the specific needs of your clients. This kind of flexibility leads to better guest experiences for everyone—which is sure to be followed by increased business.

In addition to the added flexibility, indoor plant rentals can save money in the long run. Plant care is serious business. Unless you already excel at it, you may not know why your hanging ferns are browning or why your cacti refuse to flower. Honestly, how much extra time do you have to learn a new skill? Plant rentals, though, come with specialists who can care for any and all of your rental plants and replace them whenever you want a change.

So whether you need plants for a weekend, a wedding, or a whole season, trust the professionals to do the selection, setup, maintenance, and teardown so you’re free to focus on what you do best. For additional information about plants and services, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.

How Hotel Lobby Plants Deliver a High-Class Experience

The benefits of hotel lobby plants go far beyond mere décor. If you’re choosing hotel lobby plants based solely on appearance, you may be missing all the benefits they can provide. While visuals are important and can strongly impact any space, well-chosen plant life can also affect client spending, mood, and overall experience.

For example, when a guest enters a hotel lobby, plants provide a burst of fresh air that goes right to the brain—inducing a feeling of calm and relaxation. Never underestimate this sense of well-being provided by plants, because relaxed, happy customers are more likely to linger in the lobby and make use of amenities, or send a Tweet about how great their stay is going. That word of mouth can help any business.

Creating a Luxurious Atmosphere

However, improving your guest experience with hotel lobby plants doesn’t mean choosing random greenery and scattering it around. Carefully select the right hotel lobby plants, and you can accomplish several things at once. First, this greenery can provide fresh, clean air that impacts the client experience in a covert way. Thriving plants can send the message that your business is successful, healthy, and well managed. And tall plants like gum trees, indoor palms, or cacti can look impressive and beautiful, helping your business appear downright opulent.

On the other hand, brown or limp plants may send the opposite message—which means that plant care is every bit as important as plant selection. Selecting plants and planters, along with their regular upkeep, require careful consideration and knowledge.

Consulting the Experts

That’s why consulting professionals to help is often more cost effective than a trial-and-error approach. An indoor plant service can help you select the ideal hotel lobby plants for your space and pair them with planters that enhance your existing décor. Better still, a service can perform regular maintenance and even replace plants that aren’t looking their best. This leaves you free to do what you do best: run your business.

For further information, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.


Commercial Indoor Plants Don’t Have to Be a Hassle

advantages of indoor plantsFeeling like you don’t have the time, budget, or know-how to incorporate commercial indoor plants into your business? Plant care is part intuition and part learned skill. Learning the basics of the selection, placement, and care of commercial indoor plants can be a long journey.

Where to Begin

Start by evaluating your space. Is the temperature consistent from one room or hallway to the next? How’s the humidity? Is there enough light for the plants you’d like to grow? From the tallest trees to the most diminutive shrub, all plants have their own unique requirements regarding light, moisture, and food. Give your plant what it needs to avoid devastating consequences.

Next, you want to select just the right planter that suits the needs of your commercial indoor plants and your specific business environment. Planters come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. You want some idea of the benefits and drawbacks of each before you begin making your selections. For example, tall plants in sturdy planters thrive in doorways, lobbies, and atriums. Shorter, fuller greenery is better suited to reception areas, waiting rooms, or tall shelves so there’s no danger of them being knocked over or mishandled.

Get Help When You Need It

If that already sounds like too much work, never fear. You can still have a great selection of commercial indoor plants. After all, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Running a business is already a lot of work, and your mind is most likely on pressing matters. Hiring a commercial indoor plants service can provide you with all the benefits of lush, thriving greenery without all the hassle.

The right plant service can help you select ideal plants and planters that work with your environment while amplifying your existing design concept. They’ll take care of all the maintenance of the plants, including replacing any that aren’t doing well so your greenery always looks fresh and healthy.

Commercial indoor plants are well within your reach when you let the plant care specialists at Plant Interscapes help. For further information, contact 1-888-284-2257.

Office Interior Design Ideas for the Holidays

sa westin la cantera iHoliday office décor is a fun treat for the staff, but is it really worth the investment? Studies show that seasonal decorations—including the liberal use of plants—isn’t just nice for employees, it’s great for business. If you’re looking for office interior design ideas, then, a full-service plant specialist can help you choose plants that are right for your specific environment. This expert will work with you to ensure the décor suits your business image, impresses your clients and won’t interfere with your staff’s workload.

First Impressions Are Everything

During the holidays, when clients or customers first enter your building, holiday-themed decorations should be one of the first things they notice. Holiday trees complete with festive bows or twinkling lights let your clients know you’re in the holiday spirit. This sends a message that your company is a fun place and the staff knows how to add a little playfulness to an otherwise serious and professional environment.

Your office interior design ideas might also include garlands or wreaths (with or without lights and additional décor) or even soft music to set a whimsical scene. A festive plant like a lily or poinsettia can be a welcoming addition to a reception area or waiting room.

How a Professional Can Help

Perhaps you have some concerns about adding holiday décor. You’re worried that you may not have time to implement your office interior design ideas, or you won’t have enough storage space for these items after the holidays.

That’s where a full-service plant specialist can help. In addition to choosing and setting up festive holiday plants and décor, the plant service will remove all traces of holiday accoutrements when you’re ready. That means employees won’t be pulled away from their regular work to deal with decorations, and you don’t need to worry about storage space.

Prepare for the Holidays Today

Reap the benefits of all your fantastic office interior design ideas without lifting a finger. Let the plant specialists at Plant Interscapes do it for you. Contact us today; we’ll be glad to assist.

Wow Your Guests with the Right Hotel Plants

In many ways, acquiring and growing a customer base is a lot like hosting a party. Whenever you invite guests into your home—just like your business—you want to put your best foot forward. You want guests to be comfortable and for the event to be a pleasurable and memorable experience. In a hospitality business like a restaurant or hotel, the greenery you choose to augment the environment is almost as important as your staff and amenities. Since hotel plants serve multiple functions, they should always be included in your overall design concept.

Multiple Functions, Multiple Benefits

For example, start with your entryways. Tall hotel plants in your atrium can help regulate the temperature by slowing down the escape of heat or air conditioning from the building. Well-chosen greenery also provides clean, slightly fragrant air that helps clients relax and encourages deeper breathing. Guests may not notice this environment consciously, but it all impacts their overall experience in your hotel. Just like a party, relaxed and comfortable guests tend to be more open to spending time in your lobby or restaurants, giving the impression of a successful, thriving business.

Hotel plants also enhance the décor and can be used to great effect during group events, conventions, and gatherings. Setting up a unique plant display for an event helps guests feel special and shows them you’re willing to go the extra mile to make their experience superb.

In addition, not only do plants look lovely, but they also improve air quality and help keep rooms at a comfortable humidity level. They reduce toxins from luggage, traffic, air pollutants, and smoke, which can be extremely beneficial. Never underestimate the impact of free, easy breathing when it comes to producing happy guests.

Finally, thriving plants show hotel guests that you’re adept at taking care of things—including the specific needs of your customers.

For more information about how hotel plants can positively affect your bottom line, contact the professionals at Plant Interscapes by calling 1-888-284-2257.

How Indoor Atrium Plants Can Help Increase Occupancy Rates

sa grand hyatt iiLooking for ways to increase the occupancy rate in your hotel? Whatever you do, resist the urge to automatically lower prices. Sure, a few people may choose your hotel over another due to price. In the end though, it won’t be enough to compensate for lost revenue from slashed rates. Potential hotel guests aren’t necessarily looking for the lowest price. Whether for vacation or business travel, guests are looking for comfort, amenities, and a stress-free environment. The first step to achieving this is indoor atrium plants.

You might be thinking, Plants? Can a few indoor atrium plants really attract guests? Surely people don’t choose a hotel because of plants! In fact, strategically placed plants do far more than sit around looking nice.

First of all, indoor atrium plants help regulate airflow, providing guests with a burst of fresh air as they enter the building. Nothing rejuvenates like crisp, clean air. Fresh air from plants is something clients may not consciously notice, but olfactory memory retention is one of our strongest human senses. The relaxation and sense of well-being that clean air inspires translates to happier guests who are more likely to utilize amenities and more likely to remember your hotel as a comfortable, pleasant place to stay. Chances are, they’ll recommend you highly to friends, colleagues, and customers.

In addition, thriving, indoor atrium plants send a clear message that your hotel is run by nurturing professionals. Healthy greenery imparts cleanliness, competence, and a strong attention to detail—putting guests at ease and leading to a better, more comfortable stay.

A Worthwhile and Affordable Investment

When money is tight, it can be tricky to determine the most cost-effective way to invest in your business. Hiring a service to select, deliver, and maintain indoor atrium plants offers numerous benefits, both seen and unseen by guests. Consult the professionals, and find out how affordable an investment indoor atrium plants can be. For further details, call Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.

How to Cut Your Indoor Plant Maintenance Costs

indoor plant maintenanceIf you’re looking for indoor plants for your office or place of business, it’s probably because you already know the myriad benefits they offer. Well-chosen palms, ferns, ficus, spider, and ivy plants bring stunning visual appeal in addition to their many health benefits. But what if you and your staff are ill-equipped for any indoor plant maintenance? What if your budget is tight and you can’t afford to purchase plants only to have them die if they’re not well maintained? Never fear. There are plenty of ways to reduce the cost of indoor plant maintenance.

How to Trim Those Plant Costs

For starters, select plants that are forgiving and easy to maintain. Matching your plant selections with your skill level means your greenery can live and thrive.

If daily or weekly maintenance seems like a hassle, try cacti. Cactus plants vary greatly in size, shape, and color and can therefore create impressive displays that require less maintenance than many other plants.

Also, research your local climate and choose greenery that will work well in your environment. Careful plant placement is crucial to successful indoor plant maintenance. For example, if you can’t put your plants near a door or window, it’s best to avoid those that require a lot of sunlight.

Another option is to hire an indoor plant maintenance service, which can lead to savings in the long run. Trusting the professionals to handle your indoor greenery means a guarantee of healthy plants with a minimum of effort. A plant maintenance service can help you choose plants that will prosper in your particular business environment and enhance your existing design concept while providing the visual and health benefits you desire. These experts will feed, water, and maintain your plants as needed and replace them if necessary or whenever you decide that a change is in order. For more information, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257 today.

6 Hidden Benefits of Plants in the Office

benefits of plants in the officeMany people have heard about the benefits of plants in the office: they filter toxins, giving us cleaner, more breathable air. This means better breathing, which leads to less stress and improved focus. However, the right office plants can do far more than this.

Here are six more benefits of plants in the office you might not be aware of, but can make all the difference:

  1. Human beings have a natural tie to nature and an innate desire to be outside. Having plants in the workplace provides us with the connection to nature that we subconsciously crave. Plants are also a reminder of the importance of green living, and they may encourage your employees to be environmentally conscious.
  2. Plants can change office acoustics, reducing the amount of time sound reverberates in a room. This means office noise levels can be reduced by up to five decibels. Reduced distraction isn’t something we’re likely to consciously notice, but it’s sure to lead to increased productivity.
  3. One of the best benefits of plants in the office is humidity control. Dehydration leads to discomfort, fatigue, and poor concentration. Indoor plants work to keep humidity at optimal levels, improving employee hydration and helping everyone to be more comfortable.
  4. Color therapists agree that most shades of green lead to feelings of well-being and relaxation. This is why live performance theaters have “green rooms” where performers relax before hitting the stage. Likewise, relaxed employees are more focused and less likely to make mistakes.
  5. Some varieties of plants such as citrus, lemongrass, and lavender offer subtle scents that have been shown to increase accuracy in typing and math. Fewer data entry or spreadsheet mistakes can prevent costly problems.
  6. Aesthetic appeal may not seem like one of the hidden benefits of plants in the office, but people don’t always appreciate the importance of visuals in an office setting. Healthy plants give the impression of a nurturing company that is adept at helping things thrive. This is reassuring for customers and even better for potential clients.

If you’re interested in accessing the benefits of plants in the office, contact Plant Interscapes today at 1-888-284-2257. We will be glad to assist you with plant selection and plant maintenance.


How Indoor Office Plants Can Improve Productivity

san antonio interior plantsEver wonder why highly productive and successful businesses always have indoor office plants in their reception area, showrooms, and wherever their office staff is working? The right indoor plants enhance every aspect of the office environment, resulting in higher productivity overall. If that seems impossible, it’s definitely time to look at the many benefits of indoor plants in the workplace.

Multiple Benefits, Minimal Costs

Did you know certain plants can filter toxins left behind by cleaning supplies, printer chemicals, furniture, and carpeting? For example, ficus, ivy, lilies, spider plants, ferns, and palms are all ideal for this function. In addition, the right indoor office plants can help regulate air humidity and even temperature. The result? When your employees breathe cleaner air, they will be more relaxed and better able to focus.

Better still, cleaner air reduces sick building syndrome, which occurs when people work day after day in recirculated air. Ever notice how once a few people around the office get sick, almost everyone gets sick eventually? Eliminating sick building syndrome with indoor office plants will keep your employees healthier and can prevent employee call-ins for illnesses. Fewer call-ins means less stress and less struggling to catch up.

Also, if you really want to get serious about productivity, try introducing indoor office plants with mild fragrances like lemongrass or lavender. These scents have been shown to improve accuracy in math and typing tests. Fewer mistakes and improved focus can only benefit your bottom line.

Investing in Your Employees Pays Off

Investing in indoor office plants means investing in the health and comfort of your employees. Not only will they reap the rewards, but you certainly will too. Not only will you save money by preventing lost work, you’ll also increase employee focus and productivity and enjoy the improved moods that come with cleaner, more breathable air.

Start by researching companies specializing in indoor office plants that will help you make great selections while staying within your budget. For more information, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.

How the Right Hotel Lobby Design Increases Revenue Per Guest

Hotel Lobby PlantsIf you think of your hotel lobby as a place guests wait to be served, you could be missing an excellent opportunity to increase per-guest revenue. Your hotel lobby design helps you stand out among other businesses on your block and creates the first impression guests have of your hotel. A comfortable, multi-purpose lobby invites guests to linger longer while making use of amenities like Wi-Fi, bars or restaurants, and TVs.

Hotel Lobbies: Past and Present

In the past, hotel lobbies were a place where guests sat and waited for their room keys or for porter or concierge services. Modern hotel lobby design, however, is more about meeting the needs of every customer—from business people to vacationing families.

Planning Your Design

What makes a hotel lobby design inviting and comfortable? The moment a guest enters, your hotel lobby design should be welcoming in every way. Start with durable, functional furniture that includes sofas and a variety of chairs to accommodate guests traveling with children or those with special needs. Include a coffee table or end tables so guests have a place to set drinks or recharge phones and tablets. A television at a reasonable volume will discourage boredom and may encourage guests to purchase a drink or some reading material.

Well-chosen plants in the lobby also provide a burst of fresh air that puts guests at ease. Include some flowering plants for a pop of color and a faint fragrance and subtly improve the mood of your guests. A combination of indoor trees and ferns or ivy will help regulate humidity in the air, keeping it at comfortable, breathable levels.

Guests who feel comfortable and at home are more likely to stick around to partake of amenities rather than going out to eat, work, or meet friends or clients. This can result in increased revenue per guest for your hotel.

For More Information

Not sure you know how to select and maintain the best plants to enhance your hotel lobby design? Get some input from an indoor plant specialist. Consulting a professional ensures you’ll find plants that will enhance the look of your lobby and the experience of your guests. For further assistance, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.