Customer CARE Desk

Experience Sensational Service!

We work with perishable living products and strive to continually provide our customers high expectations with Sensational Service! We proactively concentrate to ensure the highest quality in both our products and the services we provide. On occasion, unexpected situations arise that require immediate attention. Our CARE program is your resource to assure that these issues are acknowledged, resolved, and followed up to your complete satisfaction.

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Our customers can also initiate a CARE ticket by dialing  888-284-2257 ext. 101, or email requests to the CARE desk at

CARE requests are logged through our proprietary CRM database and expedited through our service department to the corresponding Operations Managers and Supervisors. CARE tickets are assigned to and made the sole responsibility of your Operations Supervisor to establish a single ownership of your care related issue and a guarantee that it is seen through to completion. Trouble tickets are closely monitored by our CARE desk during the resolution phase and followed up once the ticket has been closed to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our CRM database is not only designed to carefully log problem and resolution descriptions, but also maintains a CARE history to inform our staff of past issues to hedge against future recurrences.

All our service personnel are connected VIA cellular and data communication devices for fast and efficient response time. This provides us the flexibility to immediately alert and inform our staff with the details of your CARE ticket and allows for rapid resolution routing.

The advantage to you in using this system is that you will be assured that your problem is reported to the appropriate team members and is actively on its way to a successful conclusion. Our goal is to provide our valued customers with simple and accelerated methods of communicating service issues and special requests. Please help us expedite your special service needs by using this highly-valuable communication tool as we continually measure and improve our Sensational Service to you!